Soccer against King’s School

IMG_2748Weekly lessons that take place at Kings School are enjoyed tremendously by music students for various reasons. Our students love their teachers and music lessons and take pride in themselves as they become more proficient in their instrument. They also welcome the afternoon teas. Whilst waiting for their Individual lesson the boys play soccer together with the Kings boys. This led to a formal challenge from Kings; Music Voyage accepted readily. There was much excitement leading up to the match. Uniforms were lent to us and the boys spent much time discussing positions, strategy and voting for captain. The day finally arrived and Spar marked the occasion by baking a big cake. The match was played in a good spirit with younger music students cheering their team on. We lost 2 nil. On the way home after the match, the taxi was pulsing to the beat of Music Voyage war cries chanted by the boys. It brought home the significance and importance of identity and belonging in a safe place where each person is valued