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We Give Thanks  

Smooth tunes from the up and coming artists of music Voyage continue to captivate hearts and delight the ears of music lovers both near and far!

Because of your generosity and support, our students are afforded the opportunity to give love back to the world, through beautiful melodies.

Because of you, their dreams continue to become reality. So with sincere appreciation and gratitude, we say thank you to each and every one of our sponsors and supporters. You believe in our vision and continue to walk beside us, as we endeavour to change the world.


We are currently leasing a property in Nottingham Road for the purposes of consolidating practice venues, as well as offering weekly boarding for MV students. This has been a great opportunity and well received by the community. In addition to using the primary residence, when funds allow, we’ll be placing Wendy huts on the property as additional practice rooms. We’re growing in leaps and bounds!

Excitement & Mixed Butterflies

Exams cause anxiety, but with that goes excitement and progress. Six students will be playing their instrument exams in August. We have full confidence that their hard work will pay off!

We wish them all the best

New Students

Music Voyage continues its’ effort to seek out any talent that has yet to be discovered. If you are aware of any child or young adult, who has expresses a desire to play an instrument, then music Voyage is the place for them to be!

Please pass along our details, or contact us directly via email, social media or telephone.